Here is more information and some recommendations on smoked fish:

  • Smoked fish is FULLY cooked and READY to eat! You can start eating smoked fish the instant you buy it.

  • Smoked fish MUST be refrigerated. Smoked fish will keep fresh in you refrigerator for about 30 days. After that we can no longer guarantee the freshness even though it may still be fine for consumption.

  • Smoked fish is NOT like other smoked meat products. Smoked fish are different because the oils within the fish muscle tissue produce a soft, delicate, moist meat. Try them and you will see!

  • You CAN freeze your smoked fish, however, we DO NOT recommend it. Freezing can easily breakdown the delicate fish tissue. Frozen products are not the same as fresh!


Freshly caught from Lake Superior by Everett’s boat the Julie Ann, smoked ciscoes are considered the gourmet of smoked fish.  Smoked ciscoes are moist & rich with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and HDL cholesterols that help remove arterial blocking substances that cause heart disease.  Plus, the hardwood smoke adds an enticing flavor to this tasty fish delicacy.
Freshly caught from Lake Superior by Everett's, smoked herring have less oils than smoked ciscoes and therefore have a much drier texture. Herring are highly abundant in Lake Superior and are fished heavily by the Julie Ann in the fall of the year. Because of their abundance, smoked herring are the cheaper line of smoked fish and serve up excellent with Wisconsin cheese and crackers.
Because the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources enforces restrictions on the numbers of whitefish caught, Everett's brings in Lake Superior whitefish from local sources such as Bayfield to distant waters in Canada. Smoked whitefish are also moist & rich with healthy oils just like the ciscoes and provide a hearty flavor because of their bigger size.
Lake trout, also caught by the Julie Ann, are the kingpin of healthy fish oils. Lake trout have 2-3X the oil content of ciscoes or whitefish. If you want a healthy heart, eat a chunk of trout. Plus, our brown sugared lake trout fillets are some of the best smoked product available! Try them and you will see!
The only fish not caught by the Julie Ann is salmon. Thus, salmon are shipped in for smoking from the cold waters of Alaska. Although somewhat drier than lake trout or ciscoes, Everett's smoked salmon provide a delicious flavor when smoked in real hardwood fired smokehouses.