Health Benefits of Everett's Smoked Fish


  • Everett’s Smoked fish are caught from Lake Superior-the cleanest, clearest, and highest water everetts_smoked_fish_troutquality Great Lake there is.
  • Fish is one of the BEST foods for your heart, cardiovascular system, and overall health. Just ask the experts!
  • FDA HACCP certified. In other words, inspectors affirm our product is quality and safe for consumption.
  • 100% natural food. The fresh fish come by Lake Superior’s own oligotrophic natural ecosystem (i.e. clear blue waters).
  • You can have Everett’s smoked fish on your plate two days after it has been caught!
  • Everett’s = Freshness. Ingredients could not be more simple: Fish, Salt, & Water.
    NO unnatural preservatives added.  Why add anything else?
  • All fish are smoked by real oak & maple fires, hence the name smokehouses.
    NO electric smokers or liquid smoke allowed!
  • Tradition, Quality, and Experience. We Catch `Em, We Brine `Em, We Smoke `Em, You Eat ‘Em!!